What is Tretinoin Cream .025 .05 !

Tretinoin cream .025 successfully eliminates hyperpigmentation, acne, wrinkles and other skin blemishes.

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The active substance of preparation - Tretinoin .025 . This is a natural derivative of vitamin A, relating to classification of dermatological retinoid.

The effect is achieved by stimulating the regeneration of the skin cells deep.

Tretinoin cream .05 should be applied to clean, dry skin every day before going to bed, for 6-12 weeks. During the first weeks of using the preparation may be a slight burning or redness of the skin, which is as adaptation to the cream. Before using the medication should consult a doctor-cosmetologist.

At the use of preparation it is necessary to observe precautionary measures. Do not use Tretinoin cream .025 in the presence of allergic reactions to any of its components. Prevents apply the preparation while smoking or the use of an open flame. To keep preparation in a childproof place. The medication should be stored in a dry, dark place at a temperature of 20-25 .C. Not be allowed into the Tretinoin cream .05 in your mouth, eyes, mucous membranes. Precautions need to use a preparation with medication or use other cosmetics. It is not recommended to use Tretinoin cream .05 on the damaged skin or at sunblisters.